Protein profiling: Get to know all the players!

Holistically observe the dynamic organization of proteins into networks of physical interactions from cells or tissues employed in drug discovery. Identify most or all of the proteins in the network and understand the relationship between any protein of interest and its contextual neighbors.

Eliminate guesswork inherent with front-end informatics, ambiguity of heterologous expression or limited insights derived from low throughput methods. Analyze cell- and drug treatment-specific proteins to aid in preclinical research.

Network biology: Modulate the network and observe changes

Identify the molecular changes on network topology associated with drug interventions. Observe drugs in action over a time course and contrast their effects in healthy vs diseased states, across physiological states of the same cells, genetically-modified cells or across cell types.

Conduct mechanistic studies to observe mode of action, primary, secondary, and later effects of treatments. Identify affected pathways and map consequences.


Molecular Phenotyping

  • Role of accessory factors
    • Accessory factors (nucleic acids, proteins, other) sometimes play vital roles in modulating the protein targets or their network partners, thereby determining phenotypes. Identifying these factors can help understand the disease process in greater detail, and may also suggest new treatment approaches.
  • Metabolites
    • Some responses of cells to drug treatments can be mediated via the metabolites of drug candidates. Vistara’s process can help identify such effects and the corresponding targets.
  • Biomarkers
    • Biomarkers (including genetics, genomics, gene expressions, proteomics, and imaging) are typically employed for evaluation of disease progression, drug efficacy, and drug-induced adverse reactions. Vistara’s platform can be uniquely applied for drug-related pharmacodynamic and disease-related biomarker discovery and help improve product decision-making throughout critical phases of discovery and development.

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