Collaborations with Biotech and Pharma partners are a prime objective at Vistara to bring its core proteomics platforms in preclinical drug discovery research to the market. Together, we hope to scale new heights in harnessing the power of the proteome to expand the breadth and scope of therapeutics as well as explore the knowledge space of proteins involved in health and disease.

How we can help …..

Vistara is applying its proteomics platform for expanding the repertoire of druggable targets in Oncology. Other disease areas of interest include CNS and Infectious Diseases.

  • Identify Protein network partners of clinical targets and drug MOA
  • Protein domain analysis and domain interactions
  • Modulations of protein networks in response to cell perturbations (drugs, gene editing, recombinant expression)
  • Compound validation and Phenotypic screening
  • High content screening for inhibitors of protein interactions
  • Drug-protein interactions
  • Metabolite effects on treated cells
  • Molecular phenotyping of drug-resistant cells